Status: School Project
Location: Fez, MA

The designated site for the project is situated in a highly sloped area that is divided by the remains of the ancient wall of the city.  On one side of the wall: the early Medina; on the other one: nothing, just a road that connects the old and the new towns.

The Central Library of Maghreb should open to the inhabitants of the city. That is why in the side of the wall that runs along the Medina, the Library shows an open, warm, and human face, which encourage the public to get into the building.

The Library aims to potentiate the aspiration for research that the knowledge provokes in human. The entrance is practicable at different levels of the site in an almost natural way, rooted with the surrounding urban area. During the accession to the interior stratum the excitement grows with the walls, that narrow, and with the light changes in every corner.

The building can be visited both externally and internally. Its exterior path is strongly connected to the wall, getting closer, away, touching… while the different mixed uses terraces are linked together.

Inside the building the light that comes from the patios guides the visitor along the different rooms of the library. The modules vary the size of the patios, besides for spatial reasons, to regulate the amount of light that raise the interior, depending on the use of each area, e.g. to avoid reflection and incident direct light on books.

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