Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES

Although the project is adapted to the actual state of the land, it can be easily implanted in Ezquiaga´ s project.

As we can observe, the region that occupies the project is a green area that covers the railways, so it is not necessary to coat this zone, and the buildings can be situated on the previous land. Moreover, the new project also considers burying Manuel Azaña Avenue. In this case, the “bridge-buildings” situated on each side of the Avenue would function as an exterior pedestrian connection between both sides.

In order to create the different uses generated in the project it is proposed a variation of the modules, adapting lights and spaces between the supporting walls. In addition, the modules are also transformed in height. To be adapted to the land, lower storeys are created; its floor is smaller to avoid being totally buried. New upper storeys are also constructed with smaller floors, but this time in order to produce exterior areas of communication between different buildings.

This project is suggested as a landform building, combining architecture and free space. The horizontal plan is folded producing a new orography clearly marked by the fissures that will be the accesses and exterior areas of the buildings.

The resulting geometry is searching for the north-south orientation for the interior program. The walls and cover are specialized and diversified, adopting different solutions according to the orientation and conditions of use. The main idea is that the cover might be walked as a park where green areas are guiding airflow to create cross-circulation.

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